Hand-spun Indian Khadi - Natural, Brown or Black

At CosplayFabrics.com, we literally go to every corner of the globe to find you precisely the right fabric. Our authentic Hand-spun Indian Khadi is a prime example. Made of 70% silk and 30% cotton, the fabric is created on handlooms by artisan weavers in India, using hand-spun yarns. The end result is a truly organic texture with unique imperfections, or slubs, that show up beautifully in costume designs that require a hand-made character. Because of the silk/cotton blend, our Khadi fabric has a beautiful weight and drape. 

Khadi fabric is perennially popular with Hollywood designers and makes up a major part of iconic costumes we all know and love. Perhaps the best example are the Jedi robes from the original Star Wars trilogy, designed by John Mollo, but you literally see them everywhere in period and fantasy pieces. Heavy linens have often been used as a replacement because the authentic fabrics have been difficult to source, but when you compare them side by side, the differences are clear.

Whether you are recreating a specific character or just have a need for an authentic handwoven textile for your next design, we have three colors to choose from — natural/bleached, light brown and black. The natural silk and cotton fibers should accept dye easily for more custom applications. Fabric weights are as follows: Natural - 240 GSM, Black - 268 GSM and Brown - 158 GSM. Fabric widths for all three colorways are 43.3”.

Hand-spun Indian Khadi is a website exclusive!

All fabrics on CosplayFabrics.com are sold by the yard.

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