Superhero Stars 4-way Stretch — Second Quality

When we began shipping our Superhero Stars 4-way Stretch material from the Yaya Han collection, we found the finish on some of it had not been cured properly, causing minor imperfections in the colored metallic foil areas of the fabric’s surface. The durability did not meet our quality standard, so we pulled all effected stock from inventory and made adjustments to the manufacturing process to avoid issues in the future.

This has left us with inventory that we don’t want to sell as our best quality… but we don’t want to see it go to waste either! We’re now offering the Second Quality fabric at an amazing discount, exclusively through our website. If you don’t mind the chance of a few slight color irregularities, our Second Quality Superhero Stars 4-way Stretch might be the perfect choice for your project, or just to have some material to test construction techniques with 4-way stretch fabric!

The photos on this page are representative of the type of defects you may find. It’s actually possible you might receive with even smaller problems, but these images are, typically, the worst you’ll find.

The Superhero Stars 4-way Stretch material is perfect for any cosplay design that asks for a star pattern detail. Whether you’re creating a superhero or an original design, you’re sure to find what you need amongst the vibrant metallic foil on high-quality 4-way stretch material in a choice of red or blue.

Part of the Cosplay Fabrics by Yaya Han collection, the 4-way stretch material is made of 94% polyester and 6% Spandex with a fabric weight of 180 GSM.

All fabrics on are sold by the yard.

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