Yaya Han Collection Heroes Hex & Chainmaille Prints

They key to so many good cosplay designs are layers of texture. Especially when you’re dealing with armor — both historical and fantasy/sci-fi — what goes under the armor is sometimes as important as the armor itself. Heroes Hex Print and Chainmaille Print from the Yaya Han Collection allows you to add a three-dimensional look easily and without the bulk or weight of actual chain or layered materials.

Both fabrics feature lightweight and breathable 4-way stretch materials photo printed with the chainmaille or geometric prints. The designs are opaque and retain their density even when the material is stretched. These fabrics are perfect for added details and stand-alone pieces that require a unique pattern, with the benefit of being lightweight, breathable, and form-fitting. 

Chainmaille Print and Heroes Hex are perfect for medieval designs, for comic book characters, Mass Effect, Destiny, Witcher, Dragon Age, Aion, fantasy, and dieselpunk costumes. The 4-way stretch material and cool designs also make the fabric ideal for non-cosplay projects like leggings, workout wear or even fun designs like shirts, circle skirts or — as Yaya suggests — a cute dress!

Both fabrics are 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex, are 59” wide and are sold by the yard. Both the Chainmaille Print and Heroes Hex have a GSM of 168.

Heroes Hex and Chainmaille Prints, as well as all the items in the Yaya Han Collection, are available in the United States from Jo-Ann Stores and on their website!

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