Yaya Han Collection Super Hex

Superhero designs are incorporating more and more details and texture. It started with Tobey Maguire’s Spider-man suit and has now become a fixture in modern costume design. The patterns and texture provide visual interest and allow designers to differentiate areas of a costume that might otherwise blend together, particularly on monochromatic costumes.

Continuing in the vein of our Carbon Fiber fabric, Super Hex from the Yaya Han collection features a rubber-like coating on a woven backing. Three dimensionally printed on the surface is an amazing hexagon pattern that is perfect for superhero, science fiction or any high-tech design that requires visual interest.

While not technically a stretch material, the Yaya Han Super Hex fabric has a slight give that will make it perfect for panels in a body suit or detail on more rigid designs.

Super Hex is available in classic Black and is 53” wide. The material weight is 310 GSM and is 60% PU/40% Polyester. Our recommendations for care are to hand wash separately in cold water, no bleach, line dry and do not iron.

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