Yaya Han Collection Textured Pleather

Our 4-way Stretch and Low-stretch Pleathers in the Yaya Han Collection have been incredibly popular, but we’ve heard over and over that cosplayers have a need for an excellent quality faux leather with a natural looking texture. Our new Yaya Han Collection Textured Pleather fits that bill perfectly.

The majority of textured pleather available on the market today is heavy and very plastic-feeling material intended for use in upholstery. Our Textured Pleather is created over a very soft backing, leaving the material to feel supple and easy to work with.

Textured Pleather from the Yaya Han Collection consists of 60% PU, 40% polyester. It’s fabric weight is 280 GSM and has less give than the Stretch Pleather from the Yaya Han line. Fabric width is 54".

The Textured Pleather material, as well as all the items in the Yaya Han Collection, are available in the United States from Jo-Ann Stores and on their website

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